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Solidmill® is the new technology to produce paver moulds for the most demanding manufacturers in terms of quality and precision.
Solidmill® allows us to produce moulds’ inserts by milling machine, directly from the solid steel and suitable to be Hyperhard®, our innovative hardening heat treatment technology.
Elevated dimensional tolerances obtained with our Solidmill® technology, guarantee a production of paver blocks of uniform size.
The accurated surface finishing and verticality of inner walls of the inserts, allow extreme fluently on demolding phases and extends mould’s life.


Hyperhard® treatment (64HRC) made on our moulds’ inserts do not influence the flexibility and the resistance of the basic material, preventing eventual cracks or damages on the insert’s walls.

Solidmill® + Hyperhard®

The union of Solidmill®+ Hyperhard® technology, ensure to obtain moulds with very high standards of quality and long life.

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